Student Guidelines

Students Must Remember

  1. Identity Card: After admission a student is required to get an identity card signed by the Officer-in-Charge of the college, containing information about the student concerned. The identity card is a proof of his/her status as a student of Government General Degree College, Tehatta. The possession of this card entitles him/her to the rightful privilege as a student of this college. Students must carry the identity card provided by the college during college hours. A student should produce the identity card on prosecution at any time for any reason. The loss of college identity card should be reported to the college authority.
  2. Serious notice is taken of unwarranted absence from classes and college examinations. The College Authority reserves the right to strike off the name of the student if he / she is found to be continuously absent without intimation for 21 days after the commencement of classes.
  3. A student absent from college for three continuous months without notice will be struck off from the college roll.
  4. Students of this college will abide by the rules of the college and must maintain the decorum. Polite and respectful behaviour towards the teachers and nonteaching staff of the College and their fellow students is expected from a student of this College.
  5. Students must not indulge in ragging in any form. The College maintains a zero to lerance policy towards ragging.
  6. Admission to the college binds a student to follow college rules and directions that may be issued from time to time by the college authority.
  7. Attendance: Students are required to attend the lectures regularly and punctually. At least 75% attendance is required to appear in final examination. The College strictly abides by the attendance norms of the University of Kalyani under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). According to the rules and regulations of the University of Kalyani, from Semester I of CBCS curriculum, internal marks will be awarded to students based on their regularity of attendance.
  8. Loitering in the corridor/campus without any valid reason and attending to cell-phone calls inside the classroom are strictly prohibited. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
  9. Students are required to follow the notice board regularly for relevant information.
  10. Students have to attend classes as per norms and should qualify in the College Test(s) to be allowed to write the Final University Examination. Smoking, spitting and Consumption of Drugs, in the college premises are strictly forbidden. It is the responsibility of the students to keep the campus clean.
  11. Till the notification of the result of the final examination the students are considered to be the bonafide present students of the college.
  12. All the rules and regulations of the college declared at different times of an academic session should be followed and obeyed by the students.
  13. All the students of the College are expected to participate in college activities like sports and cultural programmes.
  14. Absence of a student from any examination in the college shall be treated as an act of misconduct and breaking the discipline of the college. If a student is unable to appear in one or more examination, he/ she should submit relevant evidence of his /her absence to the Principal, countersigned by the guardian.
  15. Students must inform their guardians regarding Parent-Teacher Meetings when notified by the College.
  16. There is a Grievance Redressal Cell where students and their guardians may lodge complaints if and when required.
  17. Students should take care of their personal belongings. Authority is not responsible for any loss of personal property.
  18. Students must take note that the college campus is under CCTV surveillance