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Department of Political Science

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“I realize what the Hindu religion meant. We speak often of the Hindu religion, of the Sanātana Dharma, but few of us really know what that religion is. Other religions are preponderatingly religions of faith and profession, but the Sanātana Dharma is life itself; it is a thing that has not so much to be believed as lived.”

---Aurobindo Ghosh (Uttarpara Speech from Sri Aurobindo – A Reader, Markrand Paranjape, Ed. p.21)

“Rich men always under-estimate the power of property to secure happiness, religious men always over-estimate the influence of faith upon morals, learned men usually attach undue importance to the relation of scholarship to wisdom. We are the prisoners of our experience,...”

---Harold J. Laski (An Intoduction to Politics, p.15)

The Department of Political Science of Government General Degree College, Tehatta begins its journey after the establishment of the college in the academic session of 2015-2016 with one teaching post and 21 students altogether. Department’s first faculty member Sri Pritin Dutta joined as the Head of the Department. And later Sri Abhijit Saha was appointed in the department. The department started its initial journey with both the General and Honours courses and the intake capacity was 25 (Twenty-five) seats for Honours and 40 (Forty) seats for general courses. Later from the session of 2023-24 the intake capacity of students has been increased to 40 (Forty) seats for Major course considerably.

After receiving the UGC guidelines and the directives from the University of Kalyani, the Department has offered a new syllabus as rescribed by the University of Kalyani, under the National Education policy, 2020 (NEP 2020) from 2023-24 academic session. The department has a good collection of very popular and important text books in the Central Library and along with the reading materials both in English and Bengali languages which are kept in the Seminar library as well.

Teachers provide necessary guidance and assistance to the students both inside and outside the classroom on a various platforms. They take classes as per the class routine. While teaching they make sure that all the students comprehend the subject as well as all the topics associated with lucidly. Besides the conventional mode of teaching-learning, the students are also being taught through various available E-Learning mediums like Google Meet, Zoom and etc. The usage of the online medium has been very helpful during the Covid period when the educational institutions were closed for indefinite time period. Teachers also encourage the students’ active participation in the college seminars, discussions and debates. Over the years the department has been able to make a good reputation for improving the students’ academic performance both in the college as well as at the University level. Many of our students have already secured ranks at the undergraduate level. The overall performance of the Department has been consistent and thus set a high standard for the teachers and students as a whole.

Message from the Head of the Department

Political Science is one of the sub-disciplines of social science. It is an old discipline too. The subject matter of the discipline political institutions, political organisations, political structures and cultures of different nations, power, legislations, political behaviour and the governing system at the national and the international level. As an integral part of the social science the discipline is closely associated with the other sub-disciplines of social science. Besides, Political Scinece, the mother discipline consists of several other relevant courses like political thought(Western & Indian), political theory, public administration, development administration, public policy, political economy (Western & Indian), international relations, etc. Scholars of different other fields also take much interest in the core ideas and concepts of the subject. Nowadays it can be considered one of the popular disciplines of social science. It has become a demanding subject too among the students and scholars as well because of its wider scope and probabilities. It is considered as a beneficial subject since the subiect offers wider job/career scope and options. For instance, a student who is a graduate in Political Science can opt profession in the field of teaching, academic, journalism, public administration, international relations, policy specialist, human relation specialist, law, politics, research, civil service and budget analysis etc. The discipline offers internship course opportunities as well.

There is a very cordial relationship between the teacher and the students in our department. The students are very sincere, obedient, cooperative and very active too in different fields including the academic field. Even after passing out from the college they are doing well in their career too. Many students are employed in the government sector and in the prestigious private companies as well. Besides teaching the teachers also try to make the students confident to voice their concern, make their own opinion and cultivate the analytical thinking too amongst them. The objective is to make them prepared and well presented for future and to make them a responsible citizen of the country by inculcating the values too. Furthermore the teacher also tries to develop a friendly relation with the students to help them out to resolve their problem both in the academic as well as the private domain. This helps to create a good bond between the teacher and the students. The department will continue to do the needful in order to serve the interest of the students and the institution at large as well.

List of Former Faculties:-

Sl. No Name Designation Period
1 Pritin Dutta Assistant Professor 18.11.2015 – 04.10.2023
2 Abhijit Saha Assistant Professor 24.11.2015 – 05.04.2023

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