Inviting Quotation for Tender No. 29/TGC/2019-20

Date: 26.06.2019
We are going to purchase the following items along-with the given specifications:
I. Books and Journals (national and intemationals)
2. CCTV and peripherals
3. Branded AC with electrical works
4. Branded photocopy machine
5. Branded laptops having minimum specifications (i3,8 GB RAM, windows 10)
6. Branded desktops having minimum specification (is, 8 GB RAM, I TB ROM, windows 10)
7. Assembled desktops having following specifications ( i7, 2 TB ROM, DDR4 RAM 16GB,
dedicated NVIDIA graphics, branded 34/42 inch smart monitors, Original
window 10)
8. Branded UPS
9. Branded High precision mouse and keyboard
10. Branded total securities for computers
II. Branded DSLR CAMMERA and Lens
12. Branded colour printer
13. For chemicals and instrument contact with Chemistry Department (will be published later on
college website)
14. For scientific equipments and instruments contact with Physics Department (will be published
later on college website)
15. Branded scanner for scanning pages of legal size alleast
16. U shaped conference table (12ft· 6ft 8inch ‘2ft 6inch )
17. Microphone systems for conference tables
18. Decoration of college office rooms separated by aluminum channel and glass with mat finish
along with electrical works into 8 compartments (room size 32ft’22ft)
19. Revolving chair
20. Lumbar supported full back revolving chair
2 I. Wooden rack with some open and some closed compartments to keep registers ( height 6ft
and width Sft)
22. 4 seater chair made of stainless steel
23. Sofa (non branded)
24. Branded sofa
25. Curtains
26. Branded metal a1mirah
27. Branded water purifier system
28. Office stationary goods
29. Paneled computer table along with drawer and electrical work for computers (16 ft • 2ft
6inch’2ft 3inch)
30. Classroom low bench and high bench (5 ft· 2ft 6 inch’ 13inch)
31. Office full secretary Tables

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